Birthday Parade Requests
By Public Education Coordinator Jackie O'Hara
April 28, 2020

The Manhattan Fire Protection District has received numerous requests to conduct fire department birthday parades over the past several weeks. During this time, unfortunately, we were unable to fulfill all of these requests. Although we wish we could drive-by to wish every child in our district a “Happy Birthday”, our personnel simply cannot due to emergency calls and our members need to remain in the station as much as possible.

After long consideration, we have decided to put the following guidelines in place for fire truck birthday parade requests:

-Tentatively, we will only schedule requests through the month of May for children ages 12 & under.

-The birthday child must live within the Manhattan Fire Protection District service area.

-Fire department scheduled parades are 1-2 pieces of fire apparatus only.

-Requests must be made online only at least 48 hours in advance at

-Requests are fulfilled on a first come, first serve basis and are not guaranteed, with a limit of 2 birthday parades per day.

Please understand; the crew that will be driving by your home is on-duty and in service. We cannot guarantee our apparatus at your scheduled time, as this may be altered by emergency calls. We will always try our best to be there but emergency calls are always our top priority. We appreciate your understanding and we hope you all are staying safe and healthy!

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