Prepare for the Solar Eclipse
August 5, 2017

On August 21, the United States will be experiencing the first total solar eclipse since 1991 and the first to move across the entire mainland of the country since 1918.

A solar eclipse happens when the moon passes in between the earth and the sun. While this rare occurrence may be exciting, safety is a concern. Looking directly at the sun during an eclipse could severely hurt your eyes.

Protect your eyes and view the eclipse safely with these tips from the National Weather Service:

• Make sure to wear special solar filtered sunglasses if you plan to stare directly at the eclipse.

• It is only safe to stare at the sun during the eclipse when the moon is totally covering the sun. This only happens for a brief period and will only occur in a very narrow path about 70 miles wide from Oregon to South Carolina.

• You can also safely view the eclipse through a solar filtered telescope or Welder’s glass #14 and darker.

• If you are going camping to view the eclipse, visit the U.S. Forest Service website for safety tips. Also, check for signs of low humidity and high temperatures, which are a recipe for wildfires.

For more information on the solar eclipse or for a solar eclipse party kit, visit

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